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Intervention 6 - Teach Something

Paired up players:

Player1 (19) - Player2 (33) (Strangers)

Player3 (21) - Player4 (22) (Sisters)

Player5 (20) - Player6 (36) - Player7 (19) (P6 is a stranger, other two are friends)

Player8 (21) - Player9 (52) (Son and Mother)

Player10 (19) - Player11 (23) (Met once before.)

Player12 (18) - Player13 (24) (Student and University admin)

My influence as a researcher: Most of the players are known to me at different levels. This familiarity made the players more comfortable with being paired up with strangers as the trust they had in me translated into trusting my interventions would not cause them any harm.

This exercise was interesting to watch even as an observer to see what they would choose to teach each other.


The teachings included how to walk in heels (P1 and P2), how to make a paper plane (P8 and P9), the Korean alphabet and the history of Marvel timeline (P10 and P11), and interesting facts from the last words of Mars Rover to how to rig stop motion from the younger ones.

'(P6) taught us about Josh Homme and the passion he had for his career which was interesting to listen to cuz I love hearing random facts, especially when it’s about something I’ve never heard about. And (P7) taught us about rigging in stop motion and how they do it in big movies like Coraline and it was super cool to hear something so crazy about a movie I’ve watched for sooo long and never actually realized what they did to make the movie happen. And now I know two more things than I did yesterday'. -P5

There was much laughter from everyone, and instead of simply talking about something, they chose to get up from their chair, move around the building and be physically active when teaching something new. Observations were made about the adult counterpart where they enthusiastically took part in learning even if it was alien to them. Especially teaching a P1 teaching a 33 year old straight man how to walk in heels.


Overall, it is evident that all players enjoyed parting knowledge. There was passion in what they were teaching. Even something as simple as how to make a paper airplane was enjoyed by the mother (as shown below in the video). As it was personal information, things they were passionate about, it can be presumed that it might be different if they try to teach something in their own accord.

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