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Who's the new gatekeeper?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Diana Donaldson: Session 06

Since I discovered insights, I have enjoyed getting lost in the research. New information that takes me in paths that I didn't even know existed. This is going to be my demise.

I always think more information, when I should be focusing on precise information. There's a certain fear in me in the back of my head, a little demon whispering 'what if you miss out on something that could turn all of this around just because you didn't go down the rabbit hole of research?'

We keep dissecting the gatekeepers. Andrei asked whether being a gatekeeper is a bad thing? That got me thinking. Aren't I a gatekeeper?

When I tell Gen Z and the village it takes to raise them, that they should do what I tell them, aren't I becoming a gatekeeper?

How do I make sure that my gatekeeping is not another absolute but can adapt to the needs of everchanging culture of Sri Lanka?

While I'm supposed to go beyond the predictable, don't just switch things up for the sake of switching things up.

Specific dialog for a specific reason in a specific frame.

Work on making my question strong. Stay focused on what I'm setting out to do at the beginning of this journey. Keep the change I want to see in my mind. What is the area of that change I'm investing in?

Sri Lankan older generations uses culture and tradition as gatekeepers.

It has multiple locks and chains over the years. Even if I have only one key, can I create some wiggle room?

Am I going to open every lock? Can I even unlock one lock?

I'm trying to bring Gen Z with me to the other side (?), and how am I holding the door open?

What power do I have in the world that I belong to to give space to Gen Z? How strong is my voice? What do I have to do or who do I have to be have my presence known and accepted?

How do I even convince Gen Z to walkthrough the gate? Why do I need to convince them? What's on the other side? What's the promise? DO THEY WANT TO WALK THROUGH THIS?

The change:

What does it look like? Do I rattle it? Do I open it? Do I smash it open?

What's realistic?

What am I feeding to the younger generation? Where *I* come from?

Blog feedback:

HIghlight my issues


Personal touch - narrative

Eloborate on key points


Specify what I'm talking about e.g Academy of Design in Sri Lanka

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