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Lecturer: Richard Richards

How am I using this project for my own life?

How will studying synchronicity help me have a career or an area where it could lead to a job? I am not planning on studying cosmic connections as a career. So this would help me in how I do my research. I need to rethink this.

Don't be clever. Be honest.

I understand how this would be an easy trap to fall into. As I write this blog, I'm thinking how I sound to a person who would read this to assess my thoughts and actions; the process. It's a constant check with myself to keep the writing as I would write, and not what someone else would want.

Get outside your comfort zone

What if nothing is outside my comfort zone? I am quite comfortable in being uncomfortable. A room full of strangers is as comfortable as a room full of family. What makes me uncomfortable is watching something bad happen, and not being able to do anything to stop it. Since I tend to avoid (better safe than sorry) situations where things could go bad... I would have to find new ways of stepping outside my comfort zone (As not being part of bad situations doesn't seem like a bad thing to do).

My project needs to change something, but how do I find that? What would this change other than, IF I do quantify synchronicity, that would change everything! :D

Questions I ask and the process I follow are more important than the final result.

The How Can Question

A question I have about my project that is important to me as well as for society.

When we say 'How can', it implies that some action will be taken to make a change, and not necessarily simply trying to understand something.

An Action

This is something that can be tested out on people. It is an intervention to provike the change I want to happen.


By engaging with the action, they change their attitude towards the are I'm looking at. How I understand is that I create a disrupter that would offer me information as well as influence the attitude of those taking part. I say it's like someone is going down their path, and I stick out my leg. Did they fall? Did they jump over it? Did they see it? Did they stumble and bite my head off? Was the rest of the day grumpy for them because of this incident? Is it the same as getting your t-shirt caught on a door?

Notes to remember:

A question that has always stayed with me is 'Why people act the way they do?'. My love for insights come from here. There's something about the stories of people and how their thinking is shaped by their experience is something that makes my own brain work.

What the hell do I really care about? Is cosmic connections rooted in love for a boy or is my whole self in this? I need to be guided by what I really care about. Bringing my whole self into this.

Can I use the concept of social media connections to cosmic connections?

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