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Intervention 2: What if you were raised by my parents?

A conversation with a friend led to me asking 'What if you were raised by my parents?'. The moments these words were out of my mouth, I realised I've said this before to some other friends of mine. One person said 'then I'd be a doctor'. We would always joke about how much his life would have changed if he was raised by my parents in my household.

Today, I reflected back to my conversation with a few Gen Z from Sri Lanka. They asked me why I was raised the way I was, and I answered something along the lines that it is how I was raised.

It occurred to me that I could figure out a way to test out how a person's life would change if they were raised by my parents. An intervention.

I am currently trying to create a choice game play using the Twine engine. At first I included all the choices I was given from the age of 16 until I was 20. However, I think I need to add more detail to the kind of advice and environment I received so that it has the intended impact.

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